Medical hypnotherapy

Medical hypnotherapy is a science based safe and effective treatment of physical pain and discomfort, whether they are medically explained or unexplained physical symptoms.
For example migraine, IBS, tinnitus and chronic pain are physical issues that can be treated succesfully by a professional, licensed hypnotherapist.

Medical hypnosis uses the subconscious mind to achieve positive physical change. As it is your brain that subconsciously interprets 
signals from your body and mixes it with the (possibly subconscious) emotions or mood that you have in that situation. Subsequently it governs your body and all its processes, like your heart function, bowel function, blood pressure and many more.

How medical hypnotherapy helps you

During the sessions you’ll explore this interaction between your mind and body. Gaining insight into what your brain has learned about your discomfort as well as what your beliefs and understanding of your pain are.
Thereafter, hypnotic imagery and strong suggestions will effectively reset the subconscious to work in harmony with your body. Regaining control over your body and (piece of) mind.
Medical hypnotherapy has a significant positive impact on your physical well being while also helping to clear any subconscious or psychological obstacles to physical health.

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Please note that medical hypnotherapy sessions are not a substitute for medical care. If you receive medical care, always consult your medical practitioner first.