My qualifications

London was my hometown for four years, during which I earned my bachelor degree in Business Administration (Regent’s University London). After a career as a buyer for several department stores, I established my own online company. is still a  leading webshop for women going through cancer and chemotherapy, meanwhile owned by another firm.

Over the last 12 years I have received training to become a licensed therapist. Training such as psychosocial therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, voice dialogue, human development and finally hypnotherapy. I also acquired the required basic level of knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as that of psychological and social aspects.

After a post-graduate study of four years, I am currently a fully licensed hypnotherapist, registered with the NBVH Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Hypnotherapeuten (Dutch Professional Association of Hypnotherapists).
As required, I am
also listed in the HBO Register Professional Practitioners Complementary Care RBCZ.

Through my high sensitivity I discovered that the answers I was looking for, were not always to be found in my head. A truly magical discovery! I have explored and experienced the different states of awareness through meditation, trance healing and mediumship (AFC, Londenas well as through studying Jewish mysticism, Boeddhism, spiritual psychotherapy and non-dual kabbalistic healing.

My work

As a hypnotherapist I use hypnosis and coaching to help you discover why you behave as you do and to help you find a different approach that is more helpul in your progress.
During hypnotherapy you will obtain meaningful insights that can be put into practice right away.

Light trance and guided visualisations form the bridge between your conscious (ratio) and your subconscious (intuition). While you are sat in a comfortable chair, I will guide you into a state of relaxation and intensive focus in which you temporarily ‘detach’ yourself from your surroundings and thoughts (you may also know this from daydreaming). In such a trance you gain new, different insights in your situation and behaviour. A combination of different techniques can be applied to:

  • Alleviate stress, burn-out, anxiety, worrying or insomnia
  • Encourage positive behaviour like self-motivation, self-confidence or setting boundaries
  • Relieve chronic pain or discomfort
  • Control unwanted behaviour or anxiety
  • Learn how to get through loss (relationship, work)

    During your first consultation we will talk about your situation, needs and wishes, to establish together what would work best for you. As no one is alike, you will always receive therapy especially tailored for you. 


    Do you wonder if hypnotherapy might be the thing for you?
    Curious how you can benefit from the insights of your subconscious ?

    Feel free to call or mail me, it’s free of charge and without obligations!

    Mail to or call 06 – 41 389 387 for sessions in Heemskerk.

    Regrettably there are no openings in Zandvoort till January 2023.