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Hypnotherapy fees and appointments

English spoken hypnotherapy is available for (young) adults (21+).

A consultation takes about 60 – 75 minutes and costs € 95,- (intake excluded).
The first session consists of an extensive intake of 1,5 hours.
We will take ample time to identify your needs and the appropriate help.
The rate for this 1,5 hours session is € 135,-.

Most health insurance companies reimburse a part of the consultation costs if you have opted for additional coverage (aanvullende verzekering).

Consultations can take place in Zandvoort or Heemskerk.
Currently, sessions in Zandvoort are available on Wednesday mornings only.
Heemskerk is open for sessions on any other day, except Tuesdays.


Coverage & reimbursement

Check this site from Zorgwijzer to find out per insurance company if hypnotherapy is (partially) covered by their additional coverage. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Zorgwijzer page.
Reimbursement does not affect your ‘eigen risico’.
Please be careful to always check your coverage with your insurance company as well, as In Thèta is not responsible for the correct information given on the Zorgwijzer site.



First and foremost I care about your wellbeing and the effectiveness of your therapy.
During the first appointment we will determine your wishes and expectations and use them as a reference for your satisfaction as we go along.
Whether your expectations are being met, will be regularly checked during therapy and you are ofcourse free to bring this up any time should you feel the need.
If at any time you are not completely satisfied, do let me know! I am open to learning from you and I am sure we will find a way to resolve it. If, in spite of both our efforts, we would not find a solution together, please check this page for further information.


Postponing or cancelling an appointment

Changing or cancelling your appointment is free of charge up to 24 hours before your original appointment.
Should you need to cancel within 24 of your appointment, half of the costs will be charged (€ 47,50).
In case you have forgotten your appointment or forgot to cancel it, unfortunately the full costs will need to be paid.

Our full terms and conditions can be downloaded from this page.

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